The project is to construct a new D1 facility for full time nursery day care service provision.

The design is intended to provide a quality setting for children from 3 months, with fully flexible internal and external areas to support individual development experiences

Get to know the vision and aims we are working to deliver


What are we doing? Why are we doing it? Answers to the questions we have been asked and local community issues we continue to address!

Design Objectives

What makes this project special? What requirements have shaped our thinking? What local challenges are shaping the design?

Our Location

Where are we? What areas surround us? What are the demographics of the area? What does the local area offer?

Project Progress

What's Going On?

Work currently happening on the site and major upcoming events!


Who is doing what!

Regulatory Compliance

How are we navigating the web of stakeholders and requirements? Are we succeeding?

The Planning Process

What were the planning issues and how where these addressed? How does the planning process work (or not)?

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