Day Nursery Building Passes First Customer Inspection

Impressed by the speed that the project has progressed, the first customers aged 2 and 4 years decided to take a look at the building

“We have taken a look before at the foundations and walked around them after they had been concreted. We also inspected the floor after the block + beam had been installed. We were able to talk to Stuart and Jack and let them know what we felt was important”

“This time we visited to see the building and find out if it will meet our needs and expectations”

“The entrance is disappointing as it will be difficult for Mummy and Daddy to get in with all our support baggage and pushchairs and it failed the backpack full of toy cars test. They told us that they would do better than a plank of wood in future”

“The downstairs facilities and play area were impressive, particularly the walk-through walls feature. Unfortunately, they said that they planned to change this and also the big air bags would be removed, as they are only there for fall arrest safety. I hope they get a bouncy castle and other soft play equipment installed instead. They should rethink their plans for the internal walls.”

Getting upstairs to inspect the upstairs was a bit difficult as we had to be helped up a ladder and walk through a window. They told us that both a lift and stairs would be installed to make it easier, especially for the backpack full of toy cars test. We managed, but should not have needed help.”

“They still have a long way to go before we will fully approve it. Our friends normally arrive at different times, but our current nursery has our 2 Weetabix in a bowl ready at 7:30am when we are the first to arrive. Some don’t arrive until after 9am! A day of learning play needs regular meals, and we get breakfast, lunch and tea before Mummy collects us at 4:30pm. If tea is not ready in time, we have to keep her waiting while we finish. Our present nursery has French lessons as well for the older children. So the building is only part of what we will need.

Overall progress is good, but we expect high standards, so will keep checking to see that everything is right before we give our final approval.”