First Fix Underway

The stairs have been installed during 1st fix. These were manufactured off site by Multi-Turn. The stairs are 2 flights for little developers to take a break on their travels. They are wider than domestic to allow someone alongside them and the rise of the steps shallower to match little legs. 2 wall hand rails at different heights will be installed at 2nd fix. Straight wood spindles will be used on the other side rather than glass on the advice of nursery operators – something to hold onto and no need to constantly clean off sticky finger marks!

Wiring for electrics, networking and fire alarm have already been installed. All boards have been inserted into the timber frame studwork to provide solid load bearing fixing points for fittings after the dry lining has been installed.

Fire protection steps are being installed to prevent potential fire spread through voids and spaces. A potential risk area are the internal vertical soil pipe runs, as these pass through the celing joist void and upstairs floor. A risk exists in a fire that the the heat causes the plastic pipe to collapse and leave a path for fire and smoke.To prevent this, pipe collars are being fitted at all opening points. These contain an intumescent material that swells in the heat and seals off the path. The complete pipe box carcass is clad in 2 layers of Fireline plasterboard for its entire length from sub-floor.

Steel fire saftey access doors have been installed to all service areas to ensure easy access for maintenance.