External Finishes Completed

The external finishes have now been completed and scaffolding removed to enable access for installation of the windows and doors. The finish of the externals ahead of the oncoming Autumn weather leavs only the hard landscape finishes to be completed.

The cladding is Siberian larch finished in Sansin SDF in Driftwood colour. All the cladding has been secured using hand hammered stainless steel nails. Initially, the factory applied protection obscured the grain of the wood, giving the appearance of synthetic cladding. Exposure to the sun has begun to expose the grain.

Completion details include:

All windows and doors have been designed and installed by Sunfold Systems. The frames were fabricated by Reynaers in the UK. In addition to 2 Bi-fold doors, the large winows upstairs have been fitted with capability in the opening mechanisms for adults to ofully open the windows for alternative fire escape purposes

Fully under ventilated cold flat roof finished with 1.5mm Cosmofin bonded membrane. Seams were fully heat sealed using hot air guns. The complete process avoids any naked flame work used with asphalt based systems. The Cosmofin membrane is slightly pliable to accomodate any movement in the sub-structure.

AX Aluminium gutter system from Alumasc. teh gutter have been oversized to 125mm to accomodate flow when Hedgehogs are installed to prevent clogging by falling leaves. The down pipes are 110mm held in Alumasc clips, but with standoffs fabricated on-site. The system is intended to provide a low maintenance system with a long installed life.

To finish the change in depth between the timber cladding and the base brick plinth, a course of cut down roof tiles bedded in mortar has been added. This creates an overhand to shed any water travelling down the external cladding outwards.