Ground floor insulation and levelling screed laid

The beam and block suspended ground floor requires damp barriers and thermal insulation prior to levelling with a sharp sand and cement screed.

An initial overlay of recycled polythene 300Mu thickness damp proof membrane was positioned over the beam and block surface. The membrane is turned up around the perimeter to cover the DPC membrane under the timber frame and form a continuous damp proof layer through the building.

Sheets of Kingspan 100mm thick  insulation sheets were laid on top. The joints between the sheets were staggered to provide rigidity. A further perimeter upstand of 25mm Kingspan insulation was installed to finished floor level to provide a thermal bridge break.

A polythene membrane was laid over the entire insulation layer to provide a condensation moisture barrier. This sheet was turned up around the perimeter and continuously taped to ensure no movement takes place when screed pouring begins.

An 8 wheel truck tipped 21 tonnes of sharp sand and 2 pallets of cement bags are delivered ready for screed laying.

Southern Screed arrived to begin the screed mix and lay.  The entire load of sharp sand was had shovelled by 1 person into the mixer / pump working continuously from 10am to 4pm. 2 people worked internally laying the 75mm thick levelling screed layer using laser lines projected over the entire floor area. These laser lines transposed a reference level established at a single point.