Little End User Inspections

If you want to know the truth – ask a child.

So we did!

One of the objectives was to have them check at various stages that we had actually installed items that were either sufficiently child friendly that they could self manage, or sufficiently secure that they couldn’t enter dangerous areas.

These are some of the checks we have made to date with detailed feedback, so pay attention!

Timber Frame Erection Time

Checking on the Ground Floor
Checking on the First Floor deck with no roof

Checking The Entrance Progress

First "Walk The Plank" Access
Or a more cautious exit method
Entrance door Installed, but concentration needed
Testing entrance ramp gradient - ok to approach at speed
Quickest exit method - jump
No threshold door with simple handle completes the journey

Noise Testing

Checking sound deadening upstairs
Impact noise test to check transmission to downstairs
Test noise again - just in case

Stairs Access Testing

Reduced step rise to allow use by small legs
Quick stop to inspect the big hole in the floor
Wide enough for side by side use

Outside visibility checks

End bi-fold door check
Height to limited opening panel check
Side bi-fold door check
End first floor window

Internal fit out

Checking the dry lining progress
Still plenty to do
Checking to see if the mess will be cleared up
And tidying up as well
Checking fire door trial fits
At last, a quick access route


Checking the car park base
Checking the block laying is right
Speed testing the surface