The Contractors & Suppliers

As one of my managers always said:  “I don’t need to pay people to give me problems, I can get  these for free. I pay to get problems solved”

The Building Industry seems keen to recommend “Professional Consultants” who communicate in a way to make an issue appear “black art” and are just creating problems.

Good contractors and suppliers take effort to find, so I am happy to recommend the Contractors and Suppliers who have made a positive contribution to this project.

Contractors are selected using 3 principle criteria:

  1. Professional Expertise in providing a solution that enhances the project
  2. Added Value – Price is only one metric. Proposals are examined for the value that they will bring to the project in areas such as more efficient project delivery with a solution focus, quality of work,  etc
  3. Local business – Since the project is to provide a community resource, preference is given to local businesses who can deliver the requirements 

These may appear to obvious criteria, but it is surprising how many businesses pay little attention to the first two! 



Selected for both his experience in projects for educational establishments and his flexible approach to project delivery. Locally, John delivered the Nursery extension for Yateley Manor school.

Bell Cornwell acted in the negotiations for the planning application with Hart District Council Planning Department. Bell Cornwell delivered value to the project by providing an independent assessment and objectivity to the submission information and challenging both sides arguments to ensure key issues were identified and properly addressed.

Click here for the Bell Cornwell website

Modulus were responsible for developing all the stress and loading calculations for the structure for approval to Building Regulations. The presentation of information is in a readable form which helped to identify key issues for attention in the project. Early involvement helped influence the design detail of the foundation and ring beam to cope with non vertical load forces.

Click here for the Modulus website

Suppliers and installers of both traditional sharp sand and cement screeds and the latest liquid screeds. Based in Guildford, they organised their material deliveries to site and completed all the ground floor screed in a single continuous process. Excellent service and value.

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Accordion Content

Instaled all the main roof components finished using Marley DuoPlain tiles and dry ridge system. In addition, they installed the flat roof finish using 1.5mm Cosmofin bonded membrane. Fleet Roofing worked with us through a number of re-schedules due to material supply issues and made sure that the timber frame was adequately protected from weather throughout.

Please click here to find their contact details


D&D have supplied the diggers, dumpers, whackers and rollers for the ground work. All plant has been delivered on time and fully working. The owner even made a delivery after closing on a Saturday to make sure all the plant was in place ready for work on Monday morning!

Click here for the D&D website

Rupipe (speak to Rupert – the owner) supplied all the underground plastic piping including the 375mm smooth wall pipes and inspection chambers. Very happy to offer advice with quick turnaround of email quotations and competitive pricing. Simple to deal with and even delivery of 6 metre lengths of 375mm pipe on a purpose long bed truck with easy off load.

Click here for the Rupipe website

Prices for concrete can vary widely, as can the service offered. Our requirements required separate deliveries to be made with varying quantities. The mix on site lorries made this simple with metered quantities mixed and delivered along remotely controlled chutes directly to the shuttered job.. The helpful drivers meant that deliveries were completed well within the allowed 1 hour on site time.

Click here for the Mister Concrete website

For a complete package of overhead boom pump and concrete, we used Total Concrete who arrived on time for pump setup and delivered 3 mix lorries in succession to make sure we had a continuous pour.

Click here for the Total Concrete website

Efficient collection of varied loads including tree roots, broken concrete and lightweight blocks from site clearance and demolition. Happy to organise combined inbound aggregate deliveries with outbound clearance loads to minimise traffic movements. On time arrival at site made it possible to manage access arrangements.

Click here for the Mister Concrete website

We had the unexpected requirement to on-site weld 13 off 375mm fabricated steel stubs to the installed ring beams. These stubs were fabricated by M&G Fabrications on behalf of Merronbrook and provide top plates with 2 bolt hole attach points for the steel columns. We needed a contractor to work with us to precisely fix each of the 13 steel stubs to a 2mm top plate position tolerance in X, Y and Z axis and also axial twist alignment of the bolt holes. M&G Fabrications worked with us on site to perform packing, shimming and weld quickly and easily despite the challenge of constant dimension checks and poor weather.

Click here for the M&G Fabrications website

The Mistakes!

Despite a comprehensive project brief being delivered to them, the initial Architects appeared to take no notice of it. Their initial drawings showed that they did not understand the commercial model constraints and did not take into account the feedback from Hart Planning’s Pre-Application advice. The decision was taken to terminate their involvement at an early stage as they failed the “Value” criteria test in delivering poor value through creating problems in exchange for their fees.

The first plant was hired from a large local plant hire company. The plant was booked in plenty of time to be delivered early on a Monday morning ready to begin work. It took till midday after a number of calls to establish that they couldn’t supply the plant until Wednesday. After some probing, he reason given was the plant was still in use when they went to collect it and they were unable to recover it and the only option they could offer was a cancellation of the booking.