Underground Work Phase Complete

The site preparation and installation of all the underground services has been completed. The work included:

  • Demolition of the existing garage building and break up of the foundation concrete
  • Construction of the vehicle and pedestrian entrance bridges
  • Installation of the underground rainwater flood attenuation storage tank
  • Build up of the on-site car park area to create a permeable load distribution area
  • Installation of service ducts for later installation of gas, electricity and water services
  • Replacement and re-routing of the underground water culvert piping outside of the building area

A 2 level system of protection fencing was used during the work to provide tree protection. The first level formed a rigid protection of the agreed root protection areas. A second level of fencing was also installed to limit the operation area of on site heavy plant. This system of working was devised to reverse the normal work method of using the largest possible area of operation.  The additional physically restricted area forced a process of  “Do I really need to be in the area and is heavy plant really needed to complete the work in the area?” questioning for every ground work operation.